New to Holy City?

If you are new at Holy City Church, you can expect to be welcomed, accepted, and cared for through genuine relationship building.

On Sundays we love to eat together after our worship service for a time of fellowship, so feel free to stay with us a while and get to know the Pastor personally. If you have children or youth, they will feel right at home. Our church is filled with children and youth and our passion is to instruct the future of the church by teaching them God’s word and by showing the relational love of Jesus Christ through application-based teaching of the Bible.

Children and parents of kids in grades K-5 can expect to enjoy worship with their family and the church in our time of worship. After our worship time Children, grades K-5 are encouraged to join Kidz Club for a time of teaching while you hear the message for the week.

At Holy City Church, we preach the Word of God right out of the Bible in a way that you can apply to your life today. We welcome all cultures and all people, this makes for a more joyful worship environment. Our goal is to glorify God in all that we do therefore we want to welcome you as a guest and make you and our family our priority through prayer and introduction to your new life as a follower of Jesus Christ.