I Reach

I-Reach is one of our first initiatives that was started right around the time that we planted our church, Holy City in Sept, 2011. Social Media and online activity seems to have taken over as a dominant trend in our society. Having access to the internet gives us access to almost everything we can imagine that is visual or informative. But you all ready know HCC is not here to bore you with statistics and details that you probably have already heard once or twice.

Holy City Church is making this webpage available to all those who are there at home looking at our website and would like to listen in to one of our online messages or videos for encouragement. Feel free to navigate through our user-friendly player and share the link with family and friends online.

Many of us have gone to a church before or even been a part of a church before. A lot of us have even been hurt by the experience of going to church. Knowing that HCC would like for you to reconsider your relationship with God by listening to God’s message online. We will tell you that our Pastor will eventually challenge you to move from your computer to the church. But we will talk about that more as you take steps forward through this online experience.

Again, feel free to listen to one of our online messages or videos and don’t forget to share with a friend or share your thoughts with us at hcc@holycitychurch.us